Whole30 at Trader Joe’s

Whole30 at Trader Joe’s


I love Trader Joe’s! They have so many fresh and good for you items that are perfect for a single gal like myself. While on Whole30, however, I have to switch up my quick and easy TJ’s staples for choices that are Whole30 Approved. Whole30 and eating clean can take a little bit more prep work but these easy grab items at Trader Joe’s will help you, whether this is your first, or 4th round of Whole30. Here is my lazy girl’s guide to shopping Trader Joe’s while on Whole30! The most comprehensive list complete with tons of pictures! Enjoy! xo

Pantry staples all the time! I season my chicken or steaks with this salt-free 21 Seasoning Salute. Vegetable broth is my go to for any recipe calling for broth since it’s the only Whole30 one I have found. And my meatballs wouldn’t be complete without this easy roasted garlic tomato sauce. Plus, a new reduced fat coconut milk that is still complaint, I prefer the full fat version myself.
Make your own stews, soups, or tomato sauces with these Whole30 pantry staples.
Must haves for all the cooking you will be doing! TIP: add in some chopped garlic with the ghee and cook up some delicious steaks!
Oils, Oils, Oils, Plus Vinegar for salad dressings and more! Red Wine Vinegar is OK!
Cashew and Almond Butter’s are all Whole30 Approved! Add some chia seeds to coconut milk for an easy high-protein pudding!
I love hot sauce on my eggs in the morning, this one is Whole30! Grab either of these salsas or Guacamole’s to pair with baked sweet potato chips!
I seriously love salsa, for breakfast, lunch, dinner, it goes with anything! Trader Joe’s has TONS that are complaint!
All the frozen burgers are good to go! Another must for the dinners in a pinch. TIP: Toast some sweet potato slices in a toaster 3-4 times for a Whole30 Bun!
Hot Dogs and Sausages are on the menu, here are the ones that are Whole30 Complaint
These frozen veggies are all Whole30 approved! Quick dinners made super simple!
A lazy girl’s dream! Cauliflower rice is found in both the freezer and fresh sections!
FullSizeRender_1 (2)
If you need something super simple and quick, find both these grab and go items in the fresh section of the store!
Make sure you check all the labels, most of the nuts are OK but some have sugars or preservatives, here are a few of my Whole30 approved faves.
As long as it doesn’t contain Peanuts, All Lara and Rx Bars are A-OK!
I might be a bit obsessed with these pineapple rings, but all the freeze dried fruits and raisins make great trail mixes as well!
FullSizeRender (2)
Making smoothies or just a hot day snack, the frozen fruit section has a large variety of Whole30 Complaint options, be sure to check all the labels though!
While juices are a gray area, you can decide for yourself if they fit in with your Whole30, but all these are technically OK! Plus coffee is always a must with some coconut milk, and these sparkling waters get me through when I need a break from flat water.

This list is of course just pre-packaged and prepared compliant foods, not including all the meats, seafood’s, fruits and vegetables that are Whole30 Compliant. Hope this helps you with your Whole30 shopping made simple!

Meal prep is key to any successful Whole30. These are the containers I use to meal prep for the week, they have 1, 2 or 3 compartment options. I prefer the 2 and 3 compartments myself.

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