Gym Chronicles: Treadmill HIIT Routine

Gym Chronicles: Treadmill HIIT Routine

I joined the gym to lift weights and work on my glutes, but while I’m there, one of my favorite things to do is HIIT on the treadmill! HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is interval training where you alternate short bursts of less intense workouts with bursts of high intensity workouts.

I actually really look forward to doing this every week, which is great because looking forward to anything when it comes to exercise is something to jump on!

Why I love HIIT:

  1. Short, supercharged workouts! My average HIIT routine is anywhere from 15-20 minutes and I’m always drenched in sweat afterwards.
  2. It burns fat faster! When compared to longer endurance training runs, HIIT burns more fat in a shorter time, win-win for those looking to get the most out of a workout when pressed for time. Source
  3. It helps with building endurance, especially if you’re just beginning your workout regimen! While HIIT helps condition and train old pros, those who are just starting out see the greatest benefit from HIIT routines. Source

So with all those awesome benefits, why wouldn’t you be doing HIIT!?

Below is my favorite routine to do for HIIT on the treadmill. You can adjust the paces as needed to fit your level but you should be pushing yourself on the high sides. You can also adjust the amount of intervals you do to add or remove time, but make sure to always warm up and cool down! Goodbye fat, hello sweat! xo

20 Minute Treadmill HIIT Routine

Warm Up: Start at a comfortable walking pace, I use 3.5 and an incline anywhere from 1-5, whatever incline you are comfortable with. After 5 minutes, begin alternating 1 minute of running at the pace specified and 1 minute of fast walking at a pace of 4. Cool Down: Bring the pace back down to a slower walk, I use 3.2, and for an extra kick, put the incline back up. Finish out the remaining time to 20 minutes.

HIIT Graphic.png

*You should consult your physician or healthcare professional before engaging in this fitness program to determine if it is right for your needs. If you engage in this exercise program you agree to do so at your own risk.