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Hi There! I am a one-woman show and hard at work creating content, selling on Amazon myself, and helping other sellers!

Here are some of the most common email answers and when you can expect to hear back from me -

Ungating Guides: If you joined one of the ungating groups, I accept members in every 1-2 days so hang tight and make sure you answered all the questions. Read through the guide and start getting your wholesale accounts set up in the mean time! Guides can be purchased here:

BOLO Group: If you joined the group, admins are accepting members in everyday, make sure you filled out all the questions for fastest acceptance. For more on the bolo group, check out this post:

Want to Learn How to Sell on Amazon? If you want more help from me to start your own Amazon business, check out my Beginner FBA Selling Course here:

All others I do my best to respond to emails Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm.

Thanks & Happy Sourcing!
- Nikki