Tips For Posing In Your Swimwear

Tips For Posing In Your Swimwear

Tips For Posing In Your Swimwear, Or Any Outfit!

I’ve had tips for posing in swimwear on my list of blogs to write for awhile now.   I always put it off thinking it might not interest anyone. I’m glad I asked in my Instagram poll because I was blown away with the amount of people who want to know more about how to pose!

So without further ado, here are the tips I have learned and used for posing in swimwear photos. Honestly, these tips go for any kind of photo, bikini or outfit. Tag me on Instagram and let me know if they helped you up your posing game!

It’s All In The Legs:

I have short legs so elongating my legs is key to a great photo. I spent a lot of time looking at photos I admired on Instagram and took notice of how they held themselves. If you look, almost everyone is on their tip toes, model or not. I’m almost always on my tip toes with one leg out or in front of the other. The reason, it makes my legs look longer. 

Keep Your Arms Loose & Away From Your Body:

No matter what size you are, when you have your arms too close to your body, your upper arms squish against your torso and appear larger than they are. Keep your arms slightly away from your body. You can position them on your natural waist, or even pose pulling up the side of your bikini bottom. Always keep your hands relaxed and natural.

Other arm options: Lift them up to elongate your body. Run them through or play with your hair. Place hands on your sun hat or just rest them atop your head.

Stick Out What Your Mama Gave You:

Stick that booty out girl. I am not kidding when I say my back hurts a little after shooting photos. Posing in swimwear is all about sticking your booty out and rolling your shoulders back. This will help elongate your body and accentuate your assets. My number one tip for posing in swimwear: the more uncomfortable you feel in a pose, the better it looks on camera!

Create Angles With Your Body:

Standing around alone in a bikini or swimsuit can feel awkward and look it in photo. Create angles with your body to add interest to the image. Place one hand on your waist and get one leg out to the side. Lean your upper body to one side and your head over to the other to match your lower half.

Stick a hip uncomfortably out, place your elbow at your waist with hand up near your chin or in your hair. This is another time when the more uncomfortable it feels, the better it’ll probably look on camera. If you’re sitting down, make sure you’re sitting up straight.

Find The Light:

The best times to shoot are the morning around sunrise and the evening around sunset. You can always shoot anytime of day, but the lighting might be too harsh and hard to work with if you’re out midday with the sun overhead.

No matter what time of day you are shooting, you always want to find the light with your face. You should be facing the sun and your camera or photographer should have their back to it. Angle your face and body towards the light to get the best lighting for your shot.

Don’t Forget Your Face:

SMILE! Or do the sultry look. As Tyra would say, SMIZE (smile with your eyes). If you’re not smiling, leave your lips gently parted. Keep your head at a flattering angle, usually chin slightly up or down. If you think you look better from a certain side, work it.

I always want to throw my head back for some reason, it never fails. I think that’s just my natural “this is silly” photo pose, but it always looks odd. Keeping your chin and face towards the light and at an angle that’s best for you will ensure a stunning photo.

Move Around & Use Props:

Movement is always going to look more natural and create some really fun photos. Twist around in a dress or swim wrap, let the material catch the wind. Play with your hair, moving it around (whip it girl) or just walk down the beach or street. Adding movement can help you relax and make a more interesting image. If you are using your phone to take photos, I shoot with burst mode to get all the movement shots.

Add a couple props to your shot: a drink in a hand, a bag, sunglasses, a hat. Any of these props can help to give you something to do with your hands as well as create more interesting image.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Get in front of the mirror and try out a few poses, note what looks good and what you feel like in the pose. It can be a lot to remember but even if you remember just a few of these, your photos are definitely going to come out great!

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