Vacation & the Importance of Rest

Vacation & the Importance of Rest

Vlog: i’m on Vacation!

I’m just getting back from a much needed vacation in Cabo San Lucas! I got so much out of it, including a surprising deeper understanding of rest is so important. I also had a ton of fun taking photos and videos. The outcome of these silly videos? My first run at a vlog! Sort of… hehe

While sitting at lunch on the first day with no internet and a GoPro, I decided to make some videos, because why not? I have a real issue with my voice and hearing it on video, so this wasn’t meant to be seen anywhere. But then I decided to keep taking these little snippets of videos and see what came out of them. I have to admit, it was kind of fun. Next, my friend had his drone out and so I thought, yes! That will add some amazing shots! From there, this silly little first attempt at a vlog was formed.

Whether you like it or not (tell me below!) I am going to try and do more vlogs, haha! They might still be boring but I will try to get better at them, even if it’s just for me.

That Rest Tho!

We all know that rest days are important, but in the push and enthusiasm to get in the best shape or lose weight quickly, we often cut out rest to ‘get results faster’. I left for Cabo on a Wednesday and I could have worked out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday that week and counted it as a successful week. Instead, I made the decision ahead of time to take the whole week off and enjoy it.

By Saturday on my vacation, I had slept in, enjoyed all the food, and was mentally ready to get back to working out. By the time I returned from vacation the following Monday, I was so ready to hit the gym! My motivation and drive to workout was at an all time high. There was nothing that was going to stand in my way to workout. Even my normal excuses as to why I can’t go to the gym or workout today were not enough to stop me.

This is why rest is so important. It not only lets your muscles recover and be able to achieve their maximum growth, but it renews your mind and is good for the soul. Don’t neglect your rest days. If you have been working out for a long time and feeling in a rut, try taking a week off. Be diligent and choose to take the rest period, don’t feel guilty about it, and watch what happens to your enthusiasm to get back at it. I am now a true believer in rest days and the occasional rest week!

Check out my full first Vlog below!