Gym Chronicles: So I Joined the Gym…

I have had many mishaps and adventures in the month since I joined the gym and I thought they would make a great first few posts to my blog. I’m titling them the “Gym Chronicles” hopefully they entertain and you can learn from my mistakes! xo

So I Joined the Gym…

After much reading, online research, and with my current at home weights not being heavy enough (strong girl problems), I finally gave in and decided it was time to join the gym. I have joined the gym a few times in the past and I usually went for the cardio machines or a workout class here or there. My gym memberships never lasted more than a few months at best. I have never much liked the gym, maybe you can relate? It’s pretty intimidating with all those hard bodies and fit chicks. But thanks to my BBG workouts, I was feeling more confident, and dare I say even one of them!?

When I began the BikIMG_5014ini Body Guides (#BBG), I already had weights from other exercise programs I’ve done over the years, (Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30is amazing – FYI) and I didn’t really need heavier ones. Honestly, I couldn’t even use my 10 pound dumbbells at this point. So, I purchased an 80s style aerobic step  style= as my bench and was all set to start BBG. About 40 weeks into it, I got into a rut. Good News, I was using my 10 pound dumbbells every time! Bad News, now I needed something heavier. Plus everything I read online was telling me lifting heavier weights was the path to a nice, round booty. So I decided it was time for the gym.

I joined the gym down the street from my office because we have a corporate promo with them and it waived all the sign up fees. Gym close to work for cheap, win-win. This is when things got interesting people. If you’ve ever joined a gym, you know many of them offer you a free personal training session to begin. I’ve done it over the years in my gym joining and quitting so I knew what it was about. Honestly, all I wanted was someone to measure my body fat % and maybe show me a few back and butt exercise machines.

So we set up the time for my session on the first day I would be going to the gym. I already had my HIIT plan I was going to do that day and figured I would just do the workout the trainer had for me and then complete HIIT. I checked in, the trainer was busy and would need a few minutes. The front desk told me to go ahead and warm up and the trainer would come find me.

At this point I am wondering how, I don’t know what he looks like how is he going to know what I do, but maybe the front desk guy took note of my outfit? So I go do my HIIT session on the treadmill. After 20 min, the guy has not come find me so I go back to the front desk and ask if he is ready. They say hold on, go get him, and he comes over to tell me he has been double booked can we do it another day. Sure, no biggie on my part.

The next week, the trainer calls me to set up the session, leaving a voicemail that says something to the affect of me having to cancel on him last time, not the case but whatever, and I tell him that. You guys, see below, he re-schedules with me and then cancels it again within 5 minutes!!

FullSizeRender (1)


I ended up getting my body fat % taken at another location and still have not had a session with this trainer. But it’s ok, I figured out the machines on my own, and that is a blog (and a laugh) for another day!

Thanks for reading! xo